Arensky Chamber Orchestra

6 July 2017
Conducted by William Kunhardt
‘Made you feel as though you were at the centre of an arctic gale with frost on your chin!’

The Guardian

Arensky Chamber Orchestra

Event information:

Type: Installation, Music


Duration: Approx. 70 mins


William Kunhardt conducts the Arensky Chamber Orchestra in Aulenko: Sound of the Forest

This is an orchestral concert, just not as you know it. Each piece is performed three-dimensionally, with the musicians dispersed around different parts of this former ammunition factory.

For John Cage’s Williams Mix, a 4-minute long space-age blend of recorded cityscapes and electronic noises, we invite you to listen blindfolded so that you can get lost in the buzz of traffic and the whisper of winds.

From the silence, the orchestra emerges to perform Charles Ives’ beautiful The Unanswered Question for strings, wind and solo trumpet.

Poems depicting Aulenko, the Finnish forest that inspired the symphony, have been set to music by former BBC Young Composer of the Year Alex Woolf. These fade into Sibelius’ 5th Symphony, which has one of the greatest melodies ever written – an arc of swans flying home to nest, captured in music. As you sit amongst the musicians, with everything sounding so clear and electrifying, you’ll feel like one of the performers.

Doors open at 7.30pm and we recommend arriving in good time as there is limited capacity for this performance.

Access infomation:

Building 41 is wheelchair accessible.


Tickets/Booking: Free

Free and un-ticketed
Doors open at 7.30pm

Location & Map:

Building 41, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, SE18 6ST Next to the Greenwich Heritage Centre