VR Playground

23 - 25 June 2017
Thrill Laboratory

Programme: Greenwich Fair

‘"Expect to find yourself riding on the back of a giant mechanical jellyfish." ’

Brendan Walker, Professor Thrill

VR Playground

Event information:

Type: Digital, No spoken word, Participation

6pm-9pm (Fri) 2pm-9pm (Sat) 12pm-7pm (Sun)

Duration: Approx. 5 minutes

Family friendly: Yes


Don a VR headset, jump on a playground swing, and be transported inside an experimental virtual reality ride mechanism, chosen from the growing collection created by the world's only Thrill Engineer, Professor Brendan Walker, and his team of Thrill Laboratory technicians.

Thrill Laboratory is a collective of artists, designers, engineers, scientists and technologists who, under Walker's direction over the last ten years, have been perfecting the art of creating, producing and examining new forms of thrilling experience.

Presented in celebration of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site 20th Anniversary.

Access infomation:

There is a wheelchair accessible swing


Tickets/Booking: Free

Location & Map:

Greenwich Park, SE10 8XJ