Willy and Wally

24 - 25 June 2017
Presented by Cocoloco

Programme: Greenwich Fair

Willy and Wally

Event information:

Type: Music, Theatre

3.15pm, 5.35pm (Sat) 12.45pm, 4.35pm (Sun)

Duration: Approx 30-45 mins

Family friendly: Yes


Willy and Wally are drowning in mountains of plastic, resigned to the fact that they will soon be swallowed entirely. As well as talking a load of rubbish, they perform amusing, poignant monologues and cutting, edgy dialogue exploring the human condition. Existential plight is revealed through weighty ethical arguments around climate change and funny, musical, slapstick turns.

Since 2000, Cocoloco has been performing anarchic, quirky, hilarious street theatre at festivals around the world. Exploiting many different styles: bizarre performance art with a comic edge, 'glimpse' theatre, cabaret, vaudeville, Cocoloco leaves an unforgettable footprint on the mind fulfilling the company manifesto 60/40 - art/entertainment.

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Tickets/Booking: Free

Location & Map:

Cutty Sark Gardens