2 July 2016
Presented by Tangled Feet

Programme: Ignite

‘Tangled Feet are probably the most accessible and original physical theatre company working in the UK today‚Ķ A must see.’

The Stage


Event information:

Type: Installation, Theatre

16:00-18:00 with The Welcoming at 17:40. 19:00-21:00 with The Welcoming at 20:40

Duration: Continuous


Overnight, something mysterious has emerged in General Gordon Square; a strange portal with an opening visible at the top. Slowly, displaced people begin to emerge, then more and more. In this new production from the company that brought One Million to Woolwich in 2013, Tangled Feet ask how we all cope with standing on the edge of enormous uncertainty.

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Tickets/Booking: FREE

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General Gordon Square Woolwich SE18