Strictly Cycling

25 - 26 June 2016
Presented by Bicycle Ballet

Programme: Greenwich Fair

‘'Full of energy and mayhem, with a sprinkling of dancing mischief. Everyone loved it!'’

Helen Helmstock, Director Marketing & Communications, Greater Nottingham

Strictly Cycling

Event information:

Type: Dance

Saturday 13:00, 15:10 & 18:15; Sunday 13:15 & 15:45

Duration: 30 - 45 mins

Family friendly: Yes


Bicycle Ballet celebrates cycling, life and yellowness in a comic show inspired by flash mobs, dada-ism and British weather. Join them as they wheel through the streets of Greenwich, battling it out for victory in slo-mo races, creating bike sculptures and parking their bikes with passers-by.

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Location & Map:

Saturday: King William Walk, Greenwich Town Centre, SE10 9HU Sunday: Cutty Sark Gardens, Greenwich Town Centre, SE10 9LW