Greenwich Fair & Island Fair photo gallery – By Steve Eggleton


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Steve Eggleton,, a longtime follower and loyal documenter of many GDIF editions, has put together a fabulous slide show of Festival images from last weekend. We’ve selected a few of his pictures below as an appetiser but browse through his … Continue reading

Greenwich Fair through the photographer’s lense – By Stu Mayhew


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By Stu Mayhew Saturday, 22 June 2013   Today was the start of the Greenwich Fair , accompanied this year by the Island Fair. A chance to immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful world of performers from around the world. … Continue reading

Festival Opening Day – By Stu Mayhew (photographer)


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By Stu Mayhew After yesterday’s whale and all the publicity it generated, today was the official start of the festival. I was advised to be by The Cutty Sark, Greenwich’s greatest landmark, at 5.45PM. While there were plenty of people around I couldn’t see any actual performers. … Continue reading

Whale Translation reading on Sunday 5.55pm in Greenwich. By Lemn Sissay


By Lemn Sissay, GDIF writer in residence   This is an excerpt,  the first verse, of  Whale Translation  which I will read today at 5.55pm by The actual Whale on Cutty Sark Gardens outside Royal Naval College.  The Whale  didn’t commit suicide … Continue reading

Take us to your reader


By Lemn Sissay, GDIF writer in residence Lemn Sissay is our writer in residence at GDIF and he will be around throughout. Catch him at the mobile library next to The Great Greenwich Whale on King Charles Lawn at the Old Royal Naval College! … Continue reading

Get up close to Lemn Sissay, GDIF writer in residence


Lemn Sissay  Back in the 19th century Charles Dickens captured the energy of the Greenwich Fair in his Sketches by Boz. Lemn is our writer in residence at this year’s GDIF and will be soaking up the atmosphere of the Fair’s 21st century … Continue reading

“A Whale Of A Time” by Lemn Sissay


By Lemn Sissay, GDIF writer in residence Maybe it’s the heat.  I’m in Greenwich.  And there’s a graceful bow of light and heat before the festival of street theatre begins. Everyone seems a little lighter here. So I walk out by The Cutty Sark to … Continue reading

“Greenwich Means Time” by Lemn Sissay


By Lemn Sissay, GDIF writer in residence Greenwich Means Time or If Time flies When Your Having Fun Set Your Clocks Back. Let’s rock the boat of time stop the clock and light Let’s have nights in the daytime, daytime at night … Continue reading

Introducing GDIF’s writer in residence: Lemn Sissay


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By Bradley Hemmings, Artistic Director at GDIF Poet and playwright Lemn Sissay is GDIF’s first ever writer in residence. He comes to Greenwich having curated the world’s first Literature Festival of the Sea in Southend and has also travelled the oceans … Continue reading

Incredible Edible Street Theatre in Greenwich by Lemn Sissay


By Lemn Sissay, GDIF writer in residence “Business or pleasure ”.   I ‘m stumped “Bleasure” I say because  it’s my business. And it is my pleasure.  She spreads a healthy  helping of seasoned spicy lamb onto the flat bread.  “my … Continue reading