“The Limbless Knight – A Tale of Rights Reignited” – The R&D process


By cast member Tiiu Mortley, Graeae

Graeae and GDIF present
The Limbless Knight – A Tale of Rights Reignited 

The Limbless Knight - A Tale of Rights Reignited by Graeae. Image by Alison BaskervilleIn The Limbless Knight – A Tale of Rights Reignited Jenny Sealey (Artistic Director of Graeae and co-Artistic Director of the London 2012 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony) has set her sights on creating a new show premiering at GDIF2013.

This new work promises to be as ambitious as ever and although the production schedule is tight, no holes have been barred as this aspiring production gets underway. Using a professional cast of disabled and non disabled performers, the work will test our skill and strength in every sense of the word.

The research, development and training got off to a flying start at the end of April 2013. As the process began at Graeae’s Bradbury Studios we were propelled straight into two days of in depth self-exploration and discovery. Through creative writing and practical tasks, we explored ourselves physically and emotionally. All our inhibitions and ‘masks’ were left at the door on entering the space.

As we investigated ourselves and each other during set tasks similarities and differences were revealed. Regardless of the obvious physical differences imposed by our disabilities, it was fascinating to discover how similar we all were, irrelevant of what is presented through our conditions.

The two days of initial development where an enlightening experience for me and when we were given further details about the set by designer Sofie Layton and the sound design from Lewis Gibson, everything seemed to fall into place. We began to understand the themes and threads of the work and how what we had already created in the R&D will feed into and shape the final performance.

As time presses on, the performers have begun training on weekends with aerial choreographer Tina Carter in a bid to get our bodies ‘match ready’ in preparation for full rehearsals at Zinc Arts, Onger.  With such a physical performance set to test our skills, it is paramount that we condition our bodies and familiarize ourselves with the equipment ready for the task in hand.

The challenge now for Jenny and the creative team, is to determine how the material generated during our initial R&D will feed into the final performance. With such honest and autobiographical material at hand, it is a real challenge for the creative team to decipher what will be integrated into the final production.

Full rehearsals get underway on 10 June at Zinc Arts where we will get to have our first glimpse of the set and, directed by Jenny, begin to apply material from the training and R&D days into the work presented to us.

Graeae has produced a fantastic audio-flyer for the show which you can listen to here or download as an mp3.

And don’t miss their fabulous rehearsal documentary to catch a glimpse of what’s happening behind-the-scene as Graeae is developing their latest show.

The Limbless Knight – A Tale of Rights Reignited will be performed at GDIF2013
21 – 23 June, Friday: 2pm & 7.45pm; Saturday 2.15pm & 6.40pm; Sunday 1pm & 4pm FREE
Island Gardens, Tower Hamlets

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