STRONG LADY at GDIF’s Out In The Streets

I am excited to be bringing my show STRONG LADY to GDIF for the Out In The Streets event – a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK.  What better way to celebrate the freedom of queer visibility than to fill a public space with joyous queer art.


My work celebrates that what makes us unique, odd or different is special and important (in my case an unusual physical strength).  At the same time it delights in the knowledge that we are all much more the same than we are different.  When the law changed 50 years ago, it was a huge leap in cultural acceptance that queer love is just love, that queer people were still just people. To me this is key in creating art (and in life): being free to celebrate who you are in all your uniqueness AND at the same time, enjoying the connected-ness that we are all basically the same.

Through my work in outdoor arts I hope to bring together a diverse public, to invite them to laugh together to build connection, and to offer an example of self-acceptance and celebrating diversity.  STRONG LADY is an array of feats-of-strength inspired by vaudeville strongmen and strongwomen of the past, performed with a surprising mix of strength, elegance and comedy.  2017 marks 10 years since I first packed up my suitcase labelled STRONG LADY and left Australia to tour this show around the world.

The show has always played with duality (the truth is usually more interesting than anything you can make up, and I never did well with fitting into boxes).  In the beginning it was the play between strength and elegance that was most interesting to me.  Then there grew layers of playing with power and gentleness, or athleticism and being a curvy lady. Now, in this year’s evolution of the show, those things remain but I have added some new elements to the show to investigate the duality of strength and vulnerability. Come join in the celebration!  I hope to see your lovely face on the streets of Greenwich on June 25th. Xx Charmaine  (AKA: Betty Brawn, Strong Lady)

Strong Lady - carry - Credit Strong Lady Productions

See STRONG LADY on the corner of College Approach and King William Walk on Sunday 25 June at 1.10pm & 3.50pm

Click here to find out more about Out In The Streets

We’re delighted that Out In The Streets is part of the Pride in London festival.

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