GDIF2016 – Second Hand Dance at Moat Island

Second Hand Dance perform at GDIF’s after-school programme ‘Moat Island’ at Well Hall Pleasaunce in Eltham. Find out how Rosie Heafford, founder of Second Hand Dance, came up with the ideas for the show.

Look down, what are you standing on?

When I was a child I had a fascination with grass and everything that lived in it. I used to collect snails to look after as pets feeding them greens from the garden; or watch woodlice and ants for ages scurrying around underneath rocks, going about their business.


The show ‘Grass’ came from an image I had of movement on turf – how the enjoyable sensation of soft green blades against your skin might encourage you to move. It was inspired by my memories and collected memories of others about their favourite things in, on and around grass.

It quickly developed into a show about my fascination with bugs as well – so many insects dance! Bees ‘waggle’ to tell each other where pollen can be found and ants use dance to tell if they are from the same colony. We found that mini beasts could move in ways that we couldn’t even start to.


I wanted to celebrate these bugs, show them off and encourage children, adults, parents and grandparents to get outside and pay attention to what is beneath our feet.

We’ve performed Grass outdoors, in theatres, in parks, gardens, town squares and even cattle markets and we can’t wait to bring it to Greenwich as part of the festival. As well as the show, there’s a chance afterwards to explore some of our set that turn into sand and soil play-crates.


So, do you know how many hearts a worm has? If not, come along and find out!

See you there,

Moat Island is presented in association with Greenwich Dance
Monday 27 June – Friday 1 July, Well Hall Pleasaunce, Eltham 16:00 – 19:00

Explore the full Moat Island programme here


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