Page One Theatre: Rehearsals for Made Up Stories From My Unmade Bed (Week 1)

page18Week One: Story and Performance Developmentby Chloe Stephens
Co-Artistic Director
Page One Theatre
Made Up Stories From My Unmade Bed is an outdoor performance about a girl who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning and her escape into dreams.

pageoneAs a company we start by collaboratively devising performance material, which we then edit and structure into a visual narrative. During this first week we started by looking at themes from an original poem by Miles Mitchell (Co-Director of Page One).


page12We also used lots of different stimulus, such as found imagery, music and music videos, as well as bedroom related objects and materials like hot water bottles, books and pillows.


These catalysts inspired us to create a range of performance material, which we will go on to weave together to make the narrative. We spent time playing with different ways of using pillows, we found out that a lampshade could become a lion and discovered ways of billowing coloured feathers up into the air.


The work this week was very physical, the actors created movement scores from their own relation to dreams and the themes in Miles’ poem.


Choreographer Rachael Nanyonjo came in for a morning to work with us on lifting techniques, as we want there to be an acrobatic element to the performance. She taught us how to lift and fall safely.


I was really impressed with how fearless and bold the actors were in throwing themselves into what Rachael offered. We discovered some exciting ways of using lifts to move through the space and found dynamic possibilities for the ensemble to lift the girl on and off of the bed.


I am looking forward to the next stage of our rehearsal process, where we will be able to relate all our material to the giant bed, which is our set.

Chloe Stephens
Co-Artistic Director
Page One Theatre



(See Made Up Stories from My Unmade Bed at Greenwich Fair June 21 & 22)


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