‘The Lift’ Rehearsals

1978874_10152286479949267_1413011923_nby Wet Picnic
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The Lift Rehearsals have started!


Whilst everyone else in the country was huddled up inside on the rainy Easter Sunday, munching their way through their countless Easter Eggs, we started our first intensive rehearsal period for The Lift. This first introductory phase went incredibly well and we are all really looking forward to continuing this good work!

The New Greenham Arts Centre, Newbury, has become our new home for the following week as we continue to work hard developing this wonderful theatrical experience to make sure we give every one of the audience members at GDIF a surreal and unforgettable experience.

We are so looking forward to seeing you all there!

The Lift by Wet Picnic

The Lift by Wet Picnic


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