Tombs Creatius at GDIF2014

tombscreatius_logoby Peppe Cannata
International Manager of Tombs Creatius Company
Facebook: Companyia-Tombs-Creatius
Twitter: @tombscreatius
Colors de Monstre at GDIF2014

I met Toni from Tombs Creatius company,a few years ago and really liked his installations and his work. Since 2010, I have had the pleasure of being part of this great team

5990717884_667a82623b_oThis year at GDIF we will show our first project called “Monster Colours”, several participatory installations for audiences of all ages. The idea for this project came about in 2008 when Tombs Creatius was commissioned to build a collection of games for the “Festival Internacional de las Artes” (FIA) in Costa Rica.


“Colors de Monstre” is a collection of 25 games built in wood and designed for all ages. With colorful illustrations, we create an expressive and exciting atmosphere in the streets and plazas.


We challenge the public to play, using their mind, body, wit and immagination, with a bit of strategy as they figure out how to play each game. The public touch, interact whilst playing with our installations.The public is our protagonist, our games are the “atrezzo”,the tools, for the people playing.


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