Liberty Festival receives Gold Award

At National Paralympic Day the Mayor of London’s Liberty Festival was awarded the Gold Standard of Best Practice by Attitude is Everything for showing continuing commitment to venue access to their customers and performers. Liberty Festival is the first festival in the UK to receive the Gold Award.

Gold Award - accessible events

Attitude is Everything assist the music industry to understand the requirements of Deaf and disabled people at music venues and festivals. The ethos of the Charter is that Deaf and disabled people should be as independent as they want to be at live music events.

Gold Award - accessible events

Attitude is Everything with representative of the Mayor’s office and the Greenwich+Docklands Festivals team.

Greenwich+Docklands Festivals (GDF) have produced Liberty on behalf of the Mayor of London for over a decade. GDF endeavours to produce events that are as accessible as possible. GDF’s annual highlight event is Greenwich+Docklands International Festival (GDIF) which strives for presenting accessible performance arts. Click here to browse GDIF2013’s programme.


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