Stu Mayhew celebrates ‘One Million’

Stu Mayhew By Stu Mayhew

So, after an amazing two weeks from beached whales to ballerina’s, the Greenwich and Docklands Festival 2013 came to a close on Saturday with TangledFeet’s production of ‘One Million’ in Artillery Square in the Royal Arsenal , Woolwich. 

Of all the large scale events that GDIF organise I always find the Woolwich ones seem to be the best received and most appreciated. My part of South London is often much maligned and not top of everyones ‘must visit’ list but it was certainly a great place to stage the finale of the festival.

GDIF2013 One Million by Tangled Feet 1 ©Stu MayhewAs you will recall from my earlier blog I had the privilege of photographing a full dress rehearsal of One Million on Thursday and apart from the presence of the crowd and a few extra pyrotechnics I had pretty much got all the photo’s I wanted so this evening was more about enjoying more and photographing less ! I took my family along and with my insider knowledge we could position ourselves to catch all the best action throughout the performance. 

The show started at 10 with a huge red flare and as the band struck up on the main stage the dancers and performers quickly made their way into the audience carrying step ladders and pushing mobile scaffolding towers.GDIF2013 One Million by Tangled Feet 3 ©Stu Mayhew  Although there was a big stage area most of the performance is carried out where the audience is standing , this creates a real energy and the atmosphere was soon electric  Behind the stage a huge orb was lifted into the sky and picked out with a spotlight is soon surrounded with exploding fireworks , accompanied by whoops and cheers from the gathered masses! GDIF2013 One Million by Tangled Feet 2 ©Stu Mayhew !!!

 The live band really helped create an almost ‘rave’ like vibe and this was reflected in the energy of the dancers.

GDIF2013 One Million by Tangled Feet 4 ©Stu MayhewIn what seemed like no time at all performers lit giant roman candles and a huge volley of fireworks exploded above the stage , filling the sky with light and sound. A huge roar went up , certainly the loudest of the festival and people were really buzzing from the exciting performance they had just witnessed.

GDIF2013 One Million by Tangled Feet 5 ©Stu Mayhew !!! GDIF2013 One Million by Tangled Feet 6 ©Stu Mayhew !!!

And so it ended , a fantastic 2 weeks of spectacular international , free outdoor performances in my own backyard. The weather in the main managed to behave itself , I met , and photographed, some really interesting people and its been a real privilege to be given a blog to share my experiences with you all and I’d like thank Marta and Martina from the marketing team for making this happen.

See you again in 2014!



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