At the rehearsal of Tangled Feet’s ‘One Million’ – By Stu Mayhew

Stu Mayhew

By Stu Mayhew


Over the last couple of years GDIF have brought some spectacular outdoor theatre to Woolwich center and this year Tangled Feet bring their One Million production into town. Rather than just photograph the actual performance’s (taking place on Fri 28th and Sat 29th June at 10PM) I arranged to spend some time at one of the rehearsals. The staging area is in Artillery Place in Royal Arsenal and looks a great setting for any show. When I arrived the crew were going about their various tasks from operating a cherry picker, setting up the sound and lighting and so on. The performers went through a full rehearsal, its a really energetic show and their athleticism was really impressive.26

My particular interest in photography is portraiture and I set up a ‘mini studio’ using just one off camera flash and a shoot through white umbrella and then proceeded to take portraits of the crew, some were pretty reluctant others loved the camera! I returned later in the evening to see the full dress rehearsal and trust me, you need to get along – its a fantastic show with over 100 performers, a live band and fireworks! My images from the performance will be in my next blog.P2

Saturday will be spent in Canary Wharf and the finale of this year’s Greenwich and Dockland Festival ‘Dancing City‘. Always a Festival highlight a variety dancers and performers use the skyscrapers of Docklands as a spectacular backdrop to amazing effect.

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