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“Out for the Elements”

Greenwich+Docklands International Festival is launching a new, four year thematic programme called “Out for the Elements”.
The Festivals running between 2009 and 2012 will “tell the story” of the area in a poetic and visually spectacular way: each year will focus on one of the four elements (water, earth, fire and air) to explore and reflect the unique identity of Greenwich and East London in the build up to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

2009: Water
For generations Greenwich and East London has been symbiotically connected with water. The Festival will respond to this by using water to inspire new commissions and innovative approaches to staging, whilst the area’s extraordinary waterfront settings will host stunning performances.

2010: Earth
This theme will be used to maximise use of parks and open spaces, whilst exploring the area’s popular traditions, diversity and global links. Creative responses to the environment will run throughout the 2010 programme with surprising new approaches to familiar local green spaces.  

2011: Fire
The story of London has often been associated with fire, combining images of destruction and regeneration. Pyrotechnics will fire the imagination and evoke a powerful story of regeneration and change symbolised by the metaphor of the Phoenix.

2012: Air
In 2012 the focus will move towards a reflection of London’s visionary and imaginative life. A series of uplifting commissions will feature performances inspired by the dreams and aspirations of artists, athletes and idealists.