• GDIF2014 'Pelat' by Joan Catala; Photo by Steve Eggleton
  • GDIF2014 'Swyron' by Nutkhut; Photo by Dave Flynn
  • GDIF2014 Arka by Teatr Ósmego Dnia © Photo by Steve Eggleton
  • GDIF2014 Kadogo by La Patriotico Interesante
  • GDIF2014 'Deblozay' by Rara Woulib © Steve Eggleton
  • GDIF2014 Opus II by Fanfare Le Snob; Photo by Warren King Photography
  • GDIF2014 Muaré by Voalá © Dave Flynn
  • GDIF2014 The Man Who Lost His Buttons by Stu Mayhew

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