• GDIF 2015: Tangle by Polyglot
  • GDIF 2015: The Colour of Time by Artonik
  • GDIF2015: Sens Dessous Dessus, Collectif Mallunes at Greenwich Fair
  • GDIF2015: Kori Kori, La Compagnie Oposito, photo by Xavier Cantat
  • GDIF2015: Danger Risk of Falling by Parkcour Dance Company at Dancing City
  • GDIF2015: The Secret Princess of Severndroog by Look Left Look Right
  • GDIF2015: The Four Fridas
  • GDIF2015: 8 Songs, Gandini Juggling at Greenwich Fair (and Dancing City)
  • GDIF2015: 451, Periplum and Corn Exchange Newbury
  • GDIF 2015: Caída Libre by Sharon Fridman at Dancing City

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The Four Fridas

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